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Phillip & Tobi Strauss Shout Out to Romania!

Exclusively for Shred.ro and Romania, the two brothers Phillip & Tobi Strauss have agreed to answer a few questions just in time for the official season opening and at the same time to celebrate 1 year of Shred.ro. In case you are not sure why their names sound familiar, we recommend you to watch most of the videos from Isenseven and especially "Let's go get lost" (a movie we have chosen as one of the best from the 2009/2010 season). But enough talking, we invite you to see what this riders are up to:

Shred.ro: Name, age and most embarassing nickname you ever had?
Tobi: My name is Tobi Strauss, 21 years old and the most embarassing nickname I ever had was probably "TobiTrice"...haha
Fips: I'm Philipp Strauss, 21 years old.Some friends from home used to call us Hilton sisters. They considered me as Paris, that was pretty embarassing.

Shred.ro: What set of gears help you shred smoothly?
Tobi:Nitro T1, Raiden Binding Battery, Vans Boot Encore and some sweet Vans Outerwear.
Fips: The DC MLF Board + DC Journey Boots combined with some nice DC outerwear which makes me feel good! And an Oakley Crowbar is always good to have too!

Shred.ro: You've been on the mountains for how many years? And which is your favorite place to snowboard?
Tobi:I started snowboarding in 1998, which is quite a while ago. My favourite place to snowboard is everywhere with sick powder that run opportunities.
Fips: I grew up surrounded by mountains so they have been part of my life since actually day one. But when I started snowboarding, I was about 10 years old. Favourite place: Arlberg area. Austria.

Shred.ro: Which is your worst memory involving snowboarding?

Tobi:Worst memory... when I tore my ACL Okt. 2006. And couldn't ride all season long.
Fips: Probably blowing my ACL for the second time and unfortunately being burried under a small avalanche this year. Definitely very shocking moments for life.

Shred.ro: What's it like to be in a crew like Isenseven?

Tobi: Proud to be part of it!
Fips: It's like being in a store and finding a jacket which really attracts you. It's the only one of its kind and it fits perfectly right away. You just know it's yours. That is bit like, what Isenseven is and always will be for me. The crew which fits perfectly! My crew, my boys. To the heart.

Shred.ro: Which are your future goals?

Tobi: Having fun snowboarding and learning some new tricks... the rest comes alone.
Fips: In snowboarding it is to progress my riding constantly. Not to get stuck at where I am, but to keep the move forward always going.My goal in general, in life, is be happy and to be loyal, to me and everybody else. I think that helps a lot to be happy.

Shred.ro: Did becoming a pro-rider change your life in any way

Tobi:Yes! I got to see the world and learning more about life and it's up and downs.

Fips: Am I a pro-rider!? I actually don't really know, but if you say so; thank you. Snowboarding and all what comes with it, definitly changed my life.Since I started snowboarding most of my important decisions and ways of living were pretty much based on snowboarding.Being a snowboarder, kinda makes it the original life of Philipp Strauss. At least, that's how I feel.

Shred.ro: How was it to hear for the first time that you are going to be sponsored? Who are your sponsors now?

Tobi: I think I was 14 years and stoked like hell! My Sponsors now are: Nitro Snowboards, Raiden Bindings, Vans Boots & Outerwear, planet-sports.com, Celtek Gloves & Vestal Watches

Fips: Of course it was very special. On one side, because of all the nice free gear you get. But also, to see, there are people, who like the way you ride and who believe in you.That's actually, what really counts as a rider, cause it shows your effort pays off.Now, I ride for DC, Oakley, Isenseven CustomClothing, Planet Sports and Colonie. Thanks to all of them!

Shred.ro: What are the prizes you are most
proud of?

Tobi:Our Videos form Isenseven, and my Video Parts in there.Fips: I'm always proud and happy, when I land a nice trick. Doesn't even must be something new or crazy. It just needs to feel good and makes you sooo stoked.I never won anything really big, so I can't really tell about competitions. But being part of Isenseven, definitly makes me proud too!

Shred.ro: Have you ever heard about the snowboarding scene in Romania?

Tobi:Yes I have. But I have never been there yet.
Fips: Yes, I saw a movie about snowboarding in Romania. It was really good to see people are living it there.

Shred.ro: Would you be brave enough to come tear up some mountains here?

Tobi:Of course if there are good opportun

ities to film... good idea! Never thought about it though.
Fips: Is this an invitation!? Yes of course. I'm down for any mountain as long as you can ride on it. Why not. I'm alwa

ys on the search for places we haven't been yet.

Shred.ro: Recently, the german producer René Eckert released"From Romania with Love", one of our best snowboard documentary. Have you seen it? (if yes, what impression did it leave?)

Tobi: Nope I haven't seen it yet. Sorry! But since Rene works for Nitro now I will film with him this season and ask for a copy.

Fips: Yes, I saw the movie. I really liked it. I was really amazed by the passion the people in the movie have for snowboarding and of course Rene's skills as a film maker.

Shred.ro: Global warming has reduced the quality on the Romanian mountains. How are things in Germany? Did it effect any of your trips?

Tobi: I don't snowboard much in Germany. But it affects all the trips I do for snowboarding. No matter where we go. To less snow, especially in the cities.

Fips: Well, unfortunately I guess it affects every mountain on the globe. I started my new season in September with a day riding on the glacier in Hintertux, Austria and haven't seen it in such a bad condit

ion since I can think. It's bleeding...It affects our trips because it limits our options& time to find good snow.

Shred.ro: When out at a party, who has more succes?You or your brother?

Tobi:Hmmm... you mean with girls? We both have girlfriends quite a while so we don't compete anymore.

Fips: Depends on what it is about. Blond, brunette, all black...hehe No, I'm kidding. Right now, these games are on hold... we are both in very good hands at the moment.

Shred.ro: How often do people, or even groupies, mix you up? Or maybe editors put your name on your brothers image?

Tobi:Haha... to often. Even very good friends have problems with that.

Fips: Actually magazines and fans are never the one's who mix us up. They mostly know what our individual sponsors and other differences are. But everybody else does mix us up.Even Alex Schiller, Isensevens commander-in-chief, our 'care taker' and long term friend, is starting to forget who's who.

Shred.ro: Is there a trick your brother nails that you just can't hit?

Tobi: switch bs lipslide, Cheekane
Fips: Yes, lately he does pretty solid backside rodeos over almost everthing. Makes me jealous but I wouldn't say I couldn't nail it...;-)

Shred.ro: Snowboarding or Surfing?

Fips: I not gonna decide this... definitely depends on the time of the year. So - both

Shred.ro: Backcountry or freestyle?

Fips: Freestyle in the Backcountry.

Shred.ro: Europe or America?

Fips: Europe

Shred.ro: Blonde or Brunette?(beer that is, guys!)

Fips: Tough questions... Blonde.

Shred.ro: Fips or Tobi?


Fips: Strauss

Shred.ro: A final shout out to Romania and all the thanks your sponsors make you say at the end of each interview :) In short, anything you want to say
Tobi: Hello Romanian People, thank you for reading this interview and thank you for being snowboarders... save the planet, keep it real and have fun!!! www.shred.ro is sick!!!
Fips: Hey Romania. It's really good to see your scene growing! Keep on with it and maybe I’ll visit you soon! Thanks to shred.ro for the interview. And thanks to all my sponsors, I really appreciate your support.

Pozele au fost realizate de Andreas Halser, prieten si fotograf certificat :) Mai multe poze pe site-ul lui official http://www.andreashalser.com/ si mai multe poze cu Fips si Tobi Strauss AICI . Pentru cei care nu se impaca bine cu engleza, am realizat si o traducere AICI :))
Thanks to Isenseven for the support!

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